What a lack of class

This is not the first time a party has pushed an older elected to the door.

Philippe Couillard did it before the 2014 election, notably with former Minister of Revenue Lawrence Bergman. Pauline Marois also advised her friend Marie Malavoy to retire to offer the safe county of Taillon to Diane Lamarre.

But François Ouimet is only 58 years old. Proudly elected Liberal for 24 years, he has never embarrassed his party or played in the flowerbeds of his colleagues.

Liberal organizers circulated the rumor that he may not be in line for the next election last spring.

To make things clear, he got a meeting with his boss Philippe Couillard, who looked into his eyes, shook hands with him and assured him that he would be a candidate.

Comforted, he prepared to campaign and even took the photograph for election ads three weeks ago. Then, he was thrown like an old sock the day before his inauguration, which was to take place on Wednesday.


This poked blow is perceived as a betrayal in the liberal ranks. ” I am speechless. It really gets me, it leaves me a taste … “commented a deputy, refusing to complete the fund of his thought.

Another said “without words”. Will that tarnish the Liberal leader’s image of the value of his word? “… according to you …”, he breathed, between deep sighs.

But what fly stung the Liberals? All that to be able to spinner that François Legault will become the dean of the National Assembly and that he can not represent the change? The somewhat childish argument is now faded and Philippe Couillard will lend flank to all attacks on his righteousness.

And in addition, a loyal member of the team is sacrificed to make way for … Enrico Ciccone! Without disrespecting him, it is not exactly as if the PLQ had got its hands on a future Minister of Finance.

Liberal politicians have often deplored the lack of respect of the leader and his entourage for them. They are more disillusioned than ever before, yet they must close ranks to fight.

“The entourage of Mr. Couillard and strategies, there is a stake there for four years. We are constantly surprised even when we are inside the ship. “

It is a liberal elected, disappointed, who says it …

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