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United States: Walmart more supports its employees in studies

In a context of labor shortages, Walmart announced Tuesday that it will improve its assistance program for its American employees who are currently studying or wanting to return to school.

For example, employees who are in high school will now be able to get their college entrance test refunded, the Reuters news agency reported. They will also receive a bonus if they graduate while working at Walmart.

The chain of stores also committed Tuesday to give them a fixed work schedule during the school period.

While tuition fees are very high in the US, Walmart’s focus is on attracting and retaining talent within the company, according to Reuters.

Favorable context

It is important to note that the United States is also experiencing a period of labor shortages; the unemployment rate has never been so low in the last fifty years south of the border.

This economic situation is pushing several multinationals to improve the working conditions of their employees. Target, one of Walmart’s main competitors, said it intends to follow this path for 2020.

Walmart, which is the largest employer in the United States, is regularly criticized for giving an hourly wage of US $ 11 to its employees at the bottom of the ladder.

The company defends itself by saying that with the measures that were announced Tuesday, its employees will be paid the equivalent of 17, 50 US $ including benefits.

Not a chance

Already last year, Walmart set up a program to support its employees who were going to university to study in the hope that they would become managers. This policy will now apply to 14 other university programs.

This announcement occurs on the eve of the annual meeting of shareholders.

Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders, who is very critical of Walmart’s leadership, will attend the meeting to defend the $ 15 minimum wage.

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