Time for medical care: the Association of Dermatologists Defends itself

The Quebec Association of Dermatologists defended Tuesday to focus on aesthetic care to medical care, while the political class described as “unacceptable” delays in the public system.

“It’s a very delicate situation, but I assure you that I have proof that [Suzanne Roy] was seen in dermatology consultation,” says Association President Dr. Dominique Hanna. At the same time, she maintains that her code of ethics prevents her from speaking about this specific case.

Tuesday, The Journal told the story of Ms. Roy, Drummondville , who says he is unable to obtain medical follow-up in dermatology after five months of research. At the only clinic in her community, she was told that the wait was 4 years, while a call from the Journal for Botox injections showed that an appointment was possible the same day.

Two versions

Dr. Hanna maintains that Ms. Roy “was seen and treated by a dermatologist on May 23, 2018”.

Suzanne Roy has a different memory of her visit. She confirms that she went to the clinic after several calls from him. “An employee looked at my wound and said,” It’s all well and good. ” I asked her if the dermatologist would give me a full review and she said, “We do not have time to do that,” she says.

The dermatologist would have only looked at the wound, even if the surgeon who removed cancer from Mrs. Roy had recommended a complete examination. “If she thinks she’s not happy with her consultation, it’s something else,” says Dr. Hanna.

The Association adds that the public system has 195 dermatologists, rather than the 129 provided by the Ministry of Health, which includes only those practicing in hospitals.


“This is a historic problem that will always exist and is global,” says Minister Gaétan Barrette, on dermatologists who can both practice public and private.

For his part, François Paradis of the Coalition avenir Quà © bec says that specialists should prioritize care for the sick in the public system, given the extent of access problems.

Dr. Charles Bernard, President of the College of Physicians, also recognizes the problem, but his order can not interfere in the organization of work.

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