Rockfest: Tribute to the codes of the world of “metalheads”!

Since my first heavy metal concert – it was late 80’s early 90’s, the Canadian band Sacrafice at the late ‘Roxannes’ bar in Hull – I’ve always had tremendous respect for the traditions of the metalhead world. 

Headbanging , moshpit , crowdsurfing , stage dive;  take it away, it’s not ointment!

Tens of years later, I like to see that in the great majority, these metalhead codes still hold.

Must be at the service of the Cannibal Corpse group, icons of brutal death metal, to understand

To give you a glimpse of what you missed …

Absolutely crazy rhythms, one wonders how the drummer, Paul Mazurkiewicz (he is from this group since the founding in 1988), made to keep this train of hell, riffs of guitars sometimes heavy, otherwise just as demented and this voice , that of George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, from which sounds are extracted, guttural, non-figurative, for the most part. 

A trademark for this group. The voice is instrumental in some way, and try to hear anything that the singer gargle is completely useless. It’s part of the show
By the way, I was yesterday with a bunch of merry guys from Sherbrooke, most of them graduating from Sherbrooke University, and one of them, Charles Papasadoro, from Papineauville, a neighboring city of Rockfest, who amused himself with offering his own interpretation of the singer’s muffled groans.
We were bored. Just tell you that the result of words retained, although perfectly in the rhythmic sequence, could not be declined here … 
Agents or angels?
In a moshpit, the rule is that when one participant loses his footing, the others come to his rescue to prevent him from being trampled. This solidarity between vigorous and courageous consenters is essential.
What is nice too, and I insist on praising the work of the security officers who are at Rockfest, is the work of the colossi who, in front of the fence that separates the crowd from the stage, are on foot. work to accommodate crowd-surfers whose journey ends, usually, in their [big] arms
I happened to meet these teams of guards who were not at all friendly. In Montebello, they are particularly welcoming.

And it’s special to see the glances of those who then slip from the hands of security guys and then, in the minutes that follow, succeed in doing, again and again, to carry by the crowd, until before. 

For some, all this may seem very strange, but let me tell you that these traditions well anchored in the fauna of metalheads can be strong vectors of joys, pleasures, collective release also

Some prefer to dance online, others opt to “pit” the crate in a round of hairy people – or not – dripping with sweat, to get into the furious rhythms of Cannibal Corpse and Rancid of this world . 

Each his own

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