Release conditions deemed “abusive”

While court proceedings have been postponed to September 13, protesters arrested at the G7 have against their conditions of release “abusive” that prevents them from going to downtown Quebec City for over a month.

“I live in Quebec and I do not even have the right to go downtown, it’s ordinary, I live here,” says Yannick St-Jacques Lauriault.

“Normally, if we rely on the basic principle of a release condition, it’s supposed to be to prevent someone from committing the same act in the same context when we know very well that it makes a difference. month that the G7 is finished “, proclaims for its part Benoit Valiquette.

Imprisoned for the most part for three days, the dozen protesters arrested at the Charlevoix summit were back in court on Friday morning.

The very short procedure only allowed to postpone it to September 13th.


Mr. St-Jacques Lauriault agreed to speak at media microphones throughout the G7.

The latter was then arrested in the street 10 hours after the demonstrations, which made the anti-G7 organization RRAG7 say that he may have been targeted.

“I’m able to speak in public, so it’s certain that someone who carries the voice of people makes it a target, a nice hunting trophy to catch to show that the state has not spent $ 400 million for nothing, “adds Mr. St-Jacques Lauriault.


As for the conditions, Linda Forgues, also arrested during the demonstrations, says that prosecutors refuse to ease the restrictions.

“Usually, a perimeter is related to what you did […] in this case, the perimeter has nothing to do with the things that people are accused,” she criticizes, the crown has a heavy hammer. “

The majority of the protesters were arrested for unlawful assembly and for uttering threats.

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