Reconstruction after floods: Ottawa wants to quickly offer help

The federal government is becoming increasingly open to working with Quebec in its efforts to rebuild and relocate flood-affected communities and says it wants to help as soon as possible.

“I would like to explore with our colleagues from the Government of Quebec and the other provinces the possibility of creating a committee to see how we can deploy federal aid as quickly as possible,” said the Minister of Infrastructure, François-Philippe Champagne.

This working group would be mandated to look at how to rebuild and target where it is appropriate, he suggested. The committee could be set up as soon as the situation on the ground has subsided, added Mr. Champagne.

“When all this is back to normal, we will not have time to lose, because the construction season is upon us,” said the minister. If we want to avoid having the same dynamic next year, we must already [think]. “

The Legault government is committed to providing up to $ 200,000 to disaster victims who are ready to relocate from the flood zone they inhabit.

Ottawa, for its part, has not yet specified what contribution it would be willing to make in this regard.

“We are not moving anything off the table at this point,” Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said on Tuesday.

He also pointed out that, as usual, Quebec will be able to obtain financial support from Ottawa through the Disaster Financial Assistance Agreement (DFAA).

This cost-sharing agreement covers, among other things, rescue operations and the rehabilitation of critical infrastructure.

Under the DFAA, Quebec has so far received a $ 125 million advance payment from Ottawa for the 2017 flood.

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