Pointe-aux-Trembles: Still no trace of the sailor missing in the river

Research resumed Monday morning in the east of Montreal, to find the sailor missing since the previous day in the waters of the St. Lawrence River.

Sunday afternoon, a little before 4 pm, a man who was alone on his boat was seen to dive a few times in the river, possibly for the purpose of cooling off.

But during his last dive, he would never have come to the surface. Witnesses from the scene immediately contacted 911.

Members of the City of Montreal Police Department, the Montreal Fire Department, the Canadian Coast Guard, the Longueuil Urban Police Service and the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary were deployed to conduct the search. .

The excavations were concentrated on the water, near the intersection of 52nd Avenue and Notre-Dame Street East, in the Pointe-aux-Trembles neighborhood.

The boater’s boat was brought back to the mainland.

In the aftermath of the events, the Montreal police said they still did not know the identity of the elderly man in his sixties who is missing. An investigation is also underway to try to understand the circumstances surrounding this nebulous disappearance.

Police went on site Monday early in the day to survey the banks of the river.

The SPVM was also evaluating the possibility of deploying its nautical squad to crisscross the water.

The Coast Guard had to send a team on site to participate in the research.

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