New altercation between Donald Trump and a CNN reporter

President Donald Trump has once again struggled with the media – especially CNN journalist Jim Acosta – at his press conference following the mid-term elections on Wednesday.

Jim Acosta, whose relationship with President Trump has been acrimonious since the president’s term began, questioned the leader about his controversial remarks surrounding the famous caravan of immigrants en route to the United States.

“You said the caravan was an” invasion “, but it’s not. It is a group of migrants who leave Central America to come to our border, so why have it been so? […] Do you believe that you have demonized immigrants in this election? “He asked.

The exchange then ignited when Jim Acosta went on Republican commercials featuring immigrants climbing the walls to continue their journey.

“They’re not actors, they do not come from Hollywood,” said Trump.

“You know what, honestly, I think you should let me rule this country. You will govern CNN and if you did it well, your ratings would be much better, “he continued.

An employee of the White House then tried to remove the microphone from the hands of the journalist, who nevertheless managed to ask the president another question about the Russian investigation.

“I’m not worried because it’s wrong. That’s enough, ask this microphone, “demanded the president.

“CNN should be ashamed of having you at his job. You are a rude and terrible person. You should not work for CNN, “he concluded.

Other skirmishes

The journalist who then succeeded Mr. Acosta at the microphone took the defense of his colleague, greeting him as a “scrupulous reporter”.

“I’m not one of your big fans, to be honest” and “you’re not the best,” Mr. Trump retorted, before answering his question.

He also silenced another CNN reporter, April Ryan, who was trying to ask him a question without having the microphone.

The president then accused a black journalist of being “racist” after being questioned about his “nationalist” rhetoric that would have played the game of white supremacists, before ironically calling another reporter a “beauty”.

“I have a very inaccurate (media) coverage,” he said. “I could do something fantastic, and they (reporters) would do something bad.”

At the end of the press conference that lasted nearly 1:30, he hoped that “the tone can improve, but it starts with the media.” “I make the blows and I do not fight for me, but for the people of this country,” he concluded.

“Anti-American” remarks

The CNN network reacted at around 1.30 pm to what it describes as incessant attacks against the press “. In a statement posted on CNN’s Twitter page, it reads, “The president’s incessant attacks on the press go too far. They are not only dangerous, but also seriously anti-American.

“Even though President Trump has made it clear that he does not respect the free press, he has a legal duty to protect it. A free press is vital to democracy and we support Jim Acosta and his fellow journalists everywhere, “the statement concludes.

The 45th president of the United States has very bad relations with a part of the American press, including CNN and the big networks CBS, ABC and NBC, as well as the daily newspapers New York Times and Washington Post. He regularly accuses those he calls “Fake News media” of being the “enemies of the people” instilling division in the population.

He favors interviews with Fox News, the Conservatives’ favorite streaming news channel.

Last week, he accused the media “Fake News” of spawning “violence” in the United States after the worst anti-Semitic killing ever in the country, in a Pittsburgh synagogue, and sending parcel bombs to personalities and institutions, including CNN, opposed to the president.

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