Mayor of Roberval Arrested for Impaired Driving

The mayor of Roberval at Lac-Saint-Jean could end up in the hot water. Sabin Côté was reportedly arrested in the night from Saturday to Sunday for driving with impaired abilities.

Sabin Côté was arrested around 2 am after his vehicle struck a cone in a construction site on Marcotte Boulevard in Roberval.

The mayor of Roberval would then have continued his route and would have been arrested a little further.

Joined by TVA Nouvelles on the phone, the mayor confirmed that he has indeed been arrested.

On the other hand, he insisted that he is not accused and that he benefits from the presumption of innocence. Sabin Côté was released following his arrest and he could eventually appear.

The mayor did not want to comment further, but said he was not on duty at the time of the events.

Sabin Côté has already been tried in similar matters. In 2013, he was convicted of impaired driving. This offense was allegedly committed in 2007.


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