Hockey players eliminated because of a piece of paper

Coaches are angry at leaders for cruelly killing children

Parents of young hockey players in the Laurentians are furious that their organization has ended the team’s season because of a banal mistake.

“It is absurd to charge children for an oversight,” rage Simon Archambault, assistant coach of Bastions 2 Blainville, a recreational team of Novice C category, composed of 7 and 8 year olds.  

The Bastions played Saturday their quarter-final playoff game.  

Trailing 3-0, the young skaters managed against all odds to win 5 to 3. A win that the players were not proud, according to coaches.  

The only problem was that head coach Mathieu Léveillée had not crossed out the names of the missing players on the scoresheet.  

“All year long, I did it with scorers and referees. Sometimes we did not do it. I did not know it was my job to do it, “he says in the Journal , still grieved about the situation two days later.  

A representative of the Laurentian Hockey League (LHDL) called him at home after the match to warn him that the incident resulted in the disqualification of his team. At the same time, she ended her season.  

The news came as a “bomb” in the team’s homes.  

“The guys all cried. Their semifinal match was to be played Sunday morning. We could not do anything to defend ourselves, “said Mr. Léveillée, who spent his evening on the phone to minimize the consequences, without success.

The leaders are passing

Julien Archambault, 7, told his parents the day after the events that “never his sadness would go away”. He was even willing to pay a fine on behalf of the team so he could jump on the ice again, according to his mother, Martine Larochelle.  

On the side of the Laurentian Hockey League (LHDL), we hung up the line in the Journal yesterday, when he announced the reason for his call.  

Hockey Quebec (HQ) said it took note of the situation yesterday morning.  

The provincial organization was still gathering information, spokesman Patrick Marineau said.  

In any case, it would be too late to cancel the decision.  


Mr. Archambault said he was asked by HQ to withdraw his Facebook publication in which he recounts the injustice. Last night she had been shared more than 1000 times.  

In exchange, he demands letters of apology and medals of participation for each of his players. He also wants changes to the regulations, which he considers to have serious consequences.  

The four fathers met yesterday are thinking of retiring from coaching after a year of volunteering.  

Their children, meanwhile, are already looking forward to playing hockey next season.  

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