Hate speeches: Xavier Dolan closes his Twitter account

Xavier Dolan is the last of a long list of artists who have abandoned the social network

Twitter has lost another of its followers this week. Because he spent too much time responding to his critics, Xavier Dolan announced that he was closing his account. The Quebec director is not the first to turn his back on this popular social network. Ed Sheeran, Ariel Winter and Millie Bobby Brown did it too.

For several years, Xavier Dolan was an avid user of Twitter. The 29-year-old filmmaker used his @XDolan account every day to exchange, in French and English, with his numerous subscribers around the world.

But among the netizens who wrote to him were many detractors of the filmmaker. Wednesday, in an ultimate message, Xavier Dolan meant he was tired of the negative side of Twitter.

He then announced that he was closing his page immediately.

“It’s a personal choice based on my priorities,” he wrote. I find myself in spite of myself in many hateful debates that I should ignore rather than waste my time. “

Dolan added that he still has his Instagram account ( @xavierdolan ) with which he can “focus on everything important: Harry Styles’ looks on tour.”

Here are some other celebrities who have recently decided to close their Twitter account for various reasons.

Ariel Winter

A few days ago, the actress of the series Modern Family announced that she was taking a break from Twitter “for an indefinite period.” The 20-year-old made this decision because she was living “in constant negativity,” one of her publicists told People magazine .

Millie Bobby Brown

Last month, the 14-year-old actress, known for her role as Eleven in the Neflix Stranger Things series , decided to quit Twitter as well. For several days, she had been harassed, while her image and her name had been used to falsely convey homophobic and racist remarks.

Ed Sheeran

In July 2017, the English singer completely deleted his account, before reactivating it a few days later. Several people thought then that Sheeran could not stand the bad comments of his flash appearance in the Game of Thrones series . But Sheeran sorted out old embarrassing posts on his account, before announcing that he was turning to Instagram.

Meghan Markle

Last January, a representative of Kensington Palace announced that the 36-year-old American actress had deleted all her accounts on social networks. Now married to Prince Harry since May 19, Meghan Markle gives his news via the official accounts of the royal family.

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