Enough silly, set Pacioretty’s contract!

It’s very simple as chronicle subject. Since Marc Bergevin is incapable of greatness and judgment when he has angered some of his players, it is up to Geoff Molson to settle the Max Pacioretty case.

It’s very simple, if Pacioretty does not sign a contract in the next few weeks, he will be able to get out of camp in 11 months, pocket tens of millions of dollars in another organization and the Canadian, as the fans are now too accustomed, will end up coalesced to CH.

That’s the conclusion that must be avoided.

How can Geoff Molson tolerate that the captain of his team, a true scorer of 35 goals, even if, throughout his career, his best player center has been David Desharnais, is so stupid?

How does Geoff Molson not see that Pacioretty is the only marker he can offer his fans who will pay in a few days the last payment for their subscriptions? We are talking about tens of millions of dollars falling into the coffers of the sanctuary. Who will count them the accursed goals? The caretaker at $ 10.5 million? Or Tomas Plekanec?

“I want to finish my career in Montreal”

I hesitated before writing this column. Pacioretty is so disgusted by Marc Bergevin that he could have had the taste to lift felts. To be respected and loved elsewhere in America. Where we pay less taxes, that is to say anywhere, and live in a city where there are streets.

What convinced me was a text that Pacioretty sent to a friend this week. Not three months ago, there are not even three days. And in this text, Pacioretty is very clear. He will not comment because he wants to remain dignified and professional as captain of the prestigious Montreal Canadiens. But he guarantees his friend that “nothing has changed for him”. He “hopes and wants to finish his career in Montreal”. If you give him the chance by showing him respect and offering him a contract respecting the parameters of its market value.

Ben cudgel, Marc Bergevin he has the means to spit on his best marker and captain? Apart from Alexander Radulov, who was a special case and quickly lost, what is so fabulous about the director general’s wallet to justify charging $ 350 for a ticket? a match against the Oilers?

It may be that Max Pacioretty is not the greatest leader in the world. Michel Beaudry also wrote his best chronicles when he crucified the captain.

And respect in there?

But a captain without a contract and playing his last season before becoming a free agent, is it worth more than Barrabas on his cross? For the fefans, Barrabas was the crucified bearded man on the left of Jesus. The other, on his right, there must be an investigation team that seeks to identify him. In overtime, obviously.

That said, why are the leaders of the Canadiens showing so much disrespect for Pacioretty? And above all, why and how is a president like Geoff Molson so tolerant in this matter?

Pacioretty is like most men. It is true that he practices a hard sport, a sport of fighters. And unlike most men, he is a multimillionaire. But that does not change the nature of the human being. We perform better when we are respected and we feel appreciated by his colleagues and the leaders of a company. The theory of ass kicks works much better in movies than in contemporary reality.

If you’re looking for an explanation for Pacioretty’s 17 goals, look behind the bench, and most importantly, look in the box where Marc Bergevin is watching.

Max Pacioretty deserves respect. Even more, he and the Canadian deserve the captain to sign a fair and correct contract according to the values ​​of the market.

Above all, the fan deserves to be treated better. Because if it starts to empty, Geoff Molson is better to hold his tuque with both hands.

Talk to Jean Pascal and Steve Bossé.

When the chain arrives …

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