Donald Trump’s salvation to a North Korean general is controversial

The sequence has been looping on North Korean television. US President Donald Trump was the subject of criticism Thursday after the broadcast of a video showing him greeting a North Korean general under the watchful eye of Kim Jong-un.

The scene was captured during Trump’s visit to Singapore, where his historic summit took place on Tuesday with the North Korean leader. On the pictures, Kim presents a general of his country to the American president, who then hands him. But the general salutes him and Donald Trump briefly reciprocates him.


The interaction has been criticized by detractors of the US president, who already believe that the tenant of the White House has been too accommodating with Kim Jong-un and his regime, accused of numerous human rights violations.

“It’s no surprise to anyone, North Korea used our president for his propaganda campaign,” tweeted Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen. “Kim Jong-pang has immediate concessions and is not committed to anything concrete. It’s annoying to see Trump planting our allies in Canada, and then praise Kim and salute his generals, “he added, referring to recent tensions between Americans and Canadians over Washington’s customs duties.

“Basic courtesy”

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders defended the president, saying he was just polite. “It’s a gesture of elementary courtesy. When the military leader of another government greets you … you do the same thing, “she said.

This is not the first time a gesture of this type is controversial in the United States. Barack Obama, had been criticized by his Republican opponents after deeply bowing to Japan’s Akihito Emperor in 2009. The conservative media had already overwhelmed Obama when he bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia the same year .

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