Chinese giant Xunlei launches “blockchain file”

The world leader in cloud-based bandwidth acceleration technology, Xunlei Limited – also known as the BitTorrent of China – announced the development of a new distributed file system. This initiative would support Blockchain platforms.

Launch a new Blockchain file system

Xunlei Limited has revealed that the thunder chain file system (TCFS) file system and three ThunderChain Request for Comments (TRCs) will support blockchain technology development efforts at an event in Shenzhen, China. China.

Features of existing platforms like TCFS and Filecoin could be combined and there could also be new security and flexibility tools to optimize the system.

ThunderChain was created in April, when Xunlei claimed that its Blockchain would be able to provide “processing capacity of millions of transactions per second. “

Regarding the new TCFS, it was launched during the week. The file system for Blockchain platforms such as ThunderChain would allow third parties to design the technology ecosystem using Xunlei Limited’s large distributed registry.

Unlock the potential of Blockchain technology

Xunlei CEO Lei Chen praised the company’s efforts. She “is committed to empowering people through technological innovation. “

“That’s why we’ve introduced ThunderChain File System and other new initiatives as we continue to help developers leverage the true value of the Blockchain. We are also pleased to see a large number of Blockchain […] projects developed during the Challenge and would like to thank everyone for their great contribution, “said Chen.

Xunlei Limited began adopting Blockchain technology in October 2017, following which the company was the subject of two criminal proceedings for making illegal Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

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