Canadian: Yes, Carey Price needs help

15 goals out of 37 were impossible to stop

The recent avalanche of goals against Carey Price has sparkled red lights in the rinks of the National League, but also in many cottages in Quebec. Is it going to last eight years like that, wonder some? Faith towards 31 is shaking and the debate is emotional.

Although Price is excluded from our top 30 this week, we still need to put things in perspective and our analysis of his performance as well as the quality of his 37 goals so far tend to support what he said the week last when he humbly asked his teammates to help him out.

He can play better, but he will also need help.

The debate may be less heated if Price won the Hart and Vézina trophies last year. It looks more like he is going through a bad pass, as Martin Brodeur thinks, but last season was terrible. If we forget the 2015-2016 season, in which he played only 12 games, Price was part of the elite in three seasons in a row, finishing third in our computerized ranking in 2013-2014, at the first rank in 2014-15 and fifth place in 2016-17.

What annoys is that 2017 is already far, but just two weeks ago, Price was ranked 12th with an excellent efficiency ratio of .922. His last four games have pushed the index to 892 and people are worried.

Statistics vary a lot early in the season and two other Vezina Trophy winners, Sergei Bobrovsky and Braden Holtby, also had painful debuts. That does not mean that Price is finished and the next eight seasons are dead.

Can Price play better? Certainly. The criticism that can be made to him is to have given dubious goals in key moments. These goals may have cost three or four points in the standings.

However, there is one thing that strikes this year in the NHL, and that is the quality of the scoring chances facing goalies, in general. Often, they are downright helpless and in this context, it is fair to do an analysis of the goals scored against Price.

Good and bad goals

If you want to simplify things, there are three kinds of goals a guardian gives. There are shots that can not be stopped, shots that are stopped, but not necessarily easy, and there are bad goals, those that a goalkeeper must stop.

There are not many shots that can not be stopped, at least in normal times. A few years ago, I compiled daily the quality of goals awarded and these goals accounted for about 12% of total goals.

Too many goals of high difficulty

In 2018-2019, according to what we see in the match summaries, the figure of 12% no longer holds. Without having compiled the goals of the other goalkeepers, I wanted to know where Price was and analyzing his 37 goals, I was stunned to realize that 15 of them were in the category of non-stop goals. That’s more than 40%. It’s enormous !

It goes without saying that it must change and that is the part of the players in front of him. There was a bit of bad luck sometimes. In the match against the New York Rangers, twice his defenders cut passes in the game, but unfortunately the puck came back on the starting player’s stick as the goalkeeper moved in the other direction.

The Canadian obviously gives too many nicknames, which complicates the task of Price. Veiled fire has become a nightmare for goalkeepers against some teams. Price had four bad goals in 12 games, which is not extreme, but those goals hurt.

Dryden and Fuhr

The challenge for a goalkeeper, and Ken Dryden has always said, is to stop these relatively difficult, but not impossible shots, such as Neal Pionk’s winning goal from the Rangers, who froze Price after crossing the rink. . Defender Noah Juulsen also froze on the game.

It seems that mentally today’s goalies will have to adopt Grant Fuhr’s pattern and learn to be as strong at 5 to 5 as at 0 to 0. Look at the scores. All the goalkeepers pass by each other, and Price is part of the lot.

1 Matthews Veiled shot 2
2 Tavares Veiled shot 3
3 Matthews Lateral play 2
4 Sheahan Bounce long fog veiled 2
5 Kempe 2 c 2, firing from the left circle 1
6 Amadio Veiled shot on back pass 3
7 box Veiled Shot on Lost Washer 3
8 Dunn Veiled shot in heavy traffic 3
9 Schenn Pass shot near the post 3
10 Stone Side game on a scrum 3
11 Boedker Shooting from a very bad angle 1
12 Duchene Lateral play on reception 3
13 Stone Shooting on receipt 3
14 Frolik Shot on pass from the back of the net 2
15 Lindholm Supernumerary and side game 2
16 Lindell Supernumerary and side game 2
17 Heiskanen Shooting from the top of the enclave 2
18 Shore Broken game, backhand shot 2
19 She R Bounce of the upper body 2
20 Ovechkin Excess lateral play 3
21 She R Shot hit on broken game 2
22 Ovechkin Deviated shot on Ovechkin’s body 3
23 Stamkos Shot hit on free puck 3
24 Miller Shooting of the enclave on broken game 2
25 Stamkos Shooting of the enclave 2
26 Gourd Bounce on shooting of the enclave 1
27 Kreider Lateral play after a broken game 3
28 Deangelo Veiled shot in heavy traffic 2
29 Buchnevich Veiled shooting rebound 2
30 Pionk Déjouement 2
31 Zibane Broken game 2
32 Sobotka Side game 2 c 1 3
33 Sobotka Return of a deflected shot 2
34 Sheary Shot on pass from the back after displacement 2
35 Skinner Return of the pole on the opposite side 3
36 skinned Lateral play after faceoff 3
37 Ristolainen Shot hit from the right circle 1


15 goals 3 Impossible goal to stop
18 goals 2 Stopable goal, but not necessarily weak
4 goals 1 Bad purpose


1 Jaroslav Halak BOS 10363
2 Pekka Rinne NSH 10360
3 Casey DeSmith PIT 10295
4 Thomas Greiss NYI 10288
5 Frederik Andersen TOR 10256
6 John Gibson ANA 10256
7 Devan Dubnyk MIN 10247
8 Semyon Varlamov COLLAR 10200
9 Andrei Vasilevskiy TBL 10191
10 David Rittich CGY 10185
11 Antti Raanta ARI 10138
12 Henrik Lundqvist NYR 10138
13 Jack Campbell LAK 10120
14 Jimmy Howard DET 10102
15 Robin Lehner NYI 10092
16 Darcy Kuemper ARI 10065
17 Craig Anderson OTT 10040
18 Ben Bishop DAL 10038
19 Connor Hellebuyck WPG 10032
20 Carter Hutton BUF 10015
21 Keith Kinkaid NJD 9993
22 Sergei Bobrovsky CBJ 9966
23 Brian Elliott IHP 9954
24 Juuse Saros NSH 9926
25 Braden Holtby WSH 9910
26 Jacob Markstrom VAN 9877
27 Corey Crawford CHI 9865
28 Martin Jones SJS 9850
29 Tuukka Rask BOS 9839
33 Carey Price MTL 9779
Rating note
We computerized goalkeeper rankings use the same formula used by Goalies’World magazine between 1996 and 2011. The number of games played, the number of shots, average efficiency, average goals Allocations, wins and white games are part of the equation, with each statistic having a different weight. This ranking can be compared to that of the markers. The more the season advances, the more the ranking stabilizes.

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