A violent storm is heading for Quebec and no one will be spared

If you have to hit the road on Tuesday morning, we have some tips for you. First of all, make sure you have winter tires on your vehicle, but also, plan to leave a little earlier than usual, because everything indicates that it will not be easy on the roads tomorrow morning! The reason? There is a lot of snow and for the south, there is even a mix of snow and rain.

It is because of the advent of a low pressure system with a significant pressure drop that some areas of Quebec should be entitled to a weather bomb that looks worthy of the name.

We will all remember that over the weekend, we had plenty of snow and very strong winds, but that was just a taste of what lies ahead. the advent of this second low-pressure system will complicate things in a very significant way!

Monday was going to mark a small break from the bad weather and hope that everyone will have benefited, because this respite will be of very short duration.

It is therefore in the night from Monday to Tuesday that things will get worse with the arrival of this second low pressure system.

Abitibi-Témiscamingue should get by with the least snow, less than 5 cm.

In the south of the province, not only is there likely to be a lot of snow, but it should be accompanied by rain and so, we can already predict that the road conditions will not be really pleasant during the rush hour. Tuesday morning.

Later in the day, the low pressure system will affect the center and the east of the province and so the areas that may be most affected by significant snowfall will be the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and the city. from Quebec. Rainfall over 15 cm of snow is predicted.

At the end of the day, it will then be the turn of the Outaouais and Montreal to be affected by precipitation. Note that this precipitation is expected to peak during the night.

On Wednesday, we will expect residual rainfall.

As MeteoMedia experts say, weather bombs are when a “system […] becomes very strong over a short period of time.” The criteria for determining this are a loss of less than 24 millibars of pressure in less than 24 hours. “

Thus, according to the meteorological specialists, it is indicated that between Tuesday and Wednesday, the province will go from “a pressure of 995 millibars to 953 millibars, a loss of 42 millibars”.

This phenomenon will cause it to intensify the low pressure system and thus, we will be entitled to an increase in precipitation, in addition to more violent winds than normal.

Remember that on Friday, we saw for the first time of the year precipitation of more than 5 cm across the province.

Otherwise, some sectors have already crossed the 15 cm mark of snow and more!

So those who thought they could escape winter this year will be for another year!

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