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A mayor is paving the street in front of his house

City councilors disavow him in a stormy meeting after he only paid $ 250

A mayor of Montégérie put everyone at odds by paving the street in front of his house while the work had to stop before his residence.

Additional work in front of his residence cost nearly $ 3,000.

In front of the anger of councilors and citizens, the mayor paid $ 250 on November 8, after being contacted by Le Journal .

Good speaker

“It’s funny, it was urgent to act in front of his yard entrance. We had never heard of it yet. The mayor is a very good speaker. He’s always doing well, “said a source knowledgeable of the file.

In a press release sent on October 29 to the residents of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, Mr. Carpentier “indicated that he believed he had the power to authorize the recommended paving of an additional section of Rodrigue Boulevard, because of the urgency to make the decision because of work in progress “.


Mayor Carpentier admitted to having made a mistake.

As a result of this event, the six counselors lost confidence in him and all chose to become independent and leave his team. They made it known during a stormy meeting on Monday night.

“It’s a blame they gave me. I am responsible for it. I accept it, even if it was in good faith, “said Mr. Carpentier on the phone.

According to him, this paving would have been necessary one day or the other anyway.

“It was to attach a bit of asphalt to the half that had not been paved last year,” he added.

According to the Michaudville Business Invoice, the amount of additional asphalt needed cost the parish of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine $ 2,820.

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