A man buys an iPad at Walmart, a very bad surprise awaits him in the box.

Sasitharan Nadarajah spent nearly $ 1,000 to buy an iPad that he wanted to give as a gift for his mom’s birthday. He made his purchase at Walmart in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. 

When the mother opened her gift in front of all guests on Sunday morning, the woman discovered that the box contained only a piece of clay weighing roughly the same as an iPad. 

“When I saw the clay, I wondered if there was something under the object, but there was nothing, not even a charger,” Sasitharan Nadarajah told CTV Toronto. 

Sasitharan Nadarajah claims that he bought the iPad, which was sealed in plastic, from a Walmart. When he returned to the store the day after his mother’s birthday party, Walmart Canada launched an investigation. 

But after three days of waiting without news from Walmart, Sasitharan Nadarajah decided to contact the media. 

“He did not even give me another iPad or pay off my money or anything else,” the man lamented. 

A spokesperson for Walmart Canada told CTV Toronto that the company was still conducting an investigation before making a decision. 

“As a customer service, we provided the customer with a full refund while we continued to review this issue,” Walmart Canada said. 

Sasitharan Nadarajah said he was reassured after receiving the refund and that he will now go to the Apple Store to buy an iPad, a real one this time, for his mom. 

Walmart Canada is the Canadian division of the US multinational Walmart, describes Wikipedia. In 2016 in Canada, it employs approximately 95,000 workers in 403 branches. Its head office is located in Mississauga, Ontario.

The anti-union actions of Walmart have been the source of many labor disputes in Canada. In Saskatchewan, the firm is challenging the unionization of three of its stores. In Quebec, three attempts to organize Walmart employees were undertaken by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), a member of the Quebec Federation of Labor (FTQ). 

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